About our firm

The company Dvorak Trucks was established in 1996 in Velké Meziříčí, between Brno and Prague and very close to the highway D1.

Our main business activity is to sell commercial vehicles and trucks, including truck semitrailers and trailers of field-tested trademarks, which we purchaise from branded dealers from Western Europe countries. We sell 200 trucks per year. In 2005 our company built up a new service center. Its capacity is 10 places and it also has a truck wash, which is due to the highway in non-stop operation. In 2002 a new branch was opened in the Slovak Republic in Bratislava.

We employ 20 qualified workers, including experienced management. In the near future, we will acquire accredited service for trucks. Our target is to build a new parking place for 80 trucks including a service area at close quarters of the service building.

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